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Journey to the Center of the Mind
Originally recorded by The Amboy Dukes, written by Steve Farmer and Ted Nugent.

Dave "Waz" Wasowicz: Vocals, Bass, Drums, Engineering, Production and Mastering.

Kurt William Schmaltz: All Guitars.

I told myself I wouldn't thank people - not because I'm ungrateful but because I know I have too many people to thank, and will forget someone along the way. But after this undertaking I felt compelled, so here 'goes: I'd like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth. To Maria, Hope and Casey who listen to my mixes over, and over, and over... To the Human Juke Box Kurt Schmaltz: he taught me this song, lent me gear without question, is an incredible human being, and ain't a bad guitar player to boot! To Beatle Jay Goeppner , for surprising me with the loan of a large diaphragm condenser mic on my home from work one day. To Wes Torres for endless consultation and the use of his Rode NT1. And to the Kiley and Hopman Families (and The Howlers) for giving me a place to plug in and fire up.


Originally recorded by Cheap Trick, written by Rick Nielsen

Dave "Waz" Wasowicz: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Production and Mastering

After a few years of "messing around" with the Lexicon Omega and Cubase LE, I decided to take on something of substance. However this "substance" reflects my first try at this. With well over 6 months into this project, I´ve realized that perfection will only be found in future tracks. Stay tuned....

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